1. Effects of carnallite content on extraction ratio and borehole stability of potash mines
Amornrat Luangthip , Supattra Khamrat , and Kittitep Fuenkajorn

2. The effects of inulin on the physicochemical characteristics of reduced-fat ice cream
Tiraporn Junyusen, Ganokporn Petnom, and Bowarn Chienwiboonsook

3. The effects of inulin on the textural, thermal, and microstructural properties of reduced-fat cheese
Tiraporn Junyusen, Nongluck Ngampang, Autchara Sangmuang, Sarun Suthada and Natthaporn Chatchavanthatri

4. Photocatalytic behavior of gadolinia-ceria mixed oxides for lead (ii) ions’ removal from water
Jiratchaya Ayawanna

5. Novel multiplex pcr assay for rapid detection of five bacterial foodborne pathogens
Chanida Kupradit, Sasidhorn Innok, Jirayus Woraratphoka and Mariena Ketudat-Cairns

6. Protein characteristics in relation to textural and pasting properties of rice after storage
Tantawan Thanompolkrung, Jirawat Yongsawatdigul and Sunanta Tongta

7. Apoptosis of mcf-7 cancer cell induced by pomegranate (punica granatum l.) peel extract
Jinnawat Manasathien and Korakod Indrapichate

8. Effect of processing parameters of hydrophobic film on ceramic tile
Prapatsorn Prathungthai, Sutham Srilomsak, Wimonlak Sutapun, Sukasem Watcharamaisakul and Lada Punsukumtana

9. Financial prediction models from internal and external firm factors based on companies listed on the stock exchange of thailand
Janthorn Sinthupundaja, Navee Chiadamrong and Natridee Suppakitjarak

10. Leopold’s maneuver mobile learning technology for facilitating knowledge application and self-reported confidence of preclinical medical students
Pattama Tongdee, Suthinee Srisawat, Ryan Andrew Loyd, Bhakinai Temnitithikul, Tiraporn Phumwiriya and Porntip Nimkuntod