1. Characterisation and fatigue of friction stir welding
Aidy Ali and Omar Suliman Zaroog

2. Fatigue damage of 2024-t351 aluminium alloy friction stir welding joints. part 1- characterisation
Aidy Ali, Mike W. Brown and Omar Suliman Zaroog

3. Synthesis of ce0.8sm0.2o2- naanoparticles via coprecipitation
Pannee Lawudomphan and Sutin Kuharuangrong

4. Vegetable and aluminium combination tannage- aboon alternative to chromium in the leather industry
Mahdi Haroun, Palmina Khirstova, Gurshi Abdallah and Covington Tony

5. Experiment on the performance of the neutronbased explosives detection system using 252cf and 241am 9be
Worasit Uchai, Sommai Changkian, Lihua Zhu and Hancheng Sun

6. The performance of updating xml in traditional databases
Pensri Amornsinlaphachai and Kwanjai Deejring

7. Study of an al(iii) complex with the plant dye brazilein from ceasalpinia sappan linn al(iii) complex with brazilein from ceasalpinia sappan linn
Kamonchanok Wongsooksin, Saowanee Rattanaphani, Malee Tangsathitkulchai, Vichitr Rattanaphani and John Barnard Bremner

8. Characterization and catalytic performance on transesterification of palm olein of potassium oxide supported on rh-mcm-41 from rice husk silica
Surachai Artkla, Nurak Grisdanurak, Suthasinee Neramittagapong and Jatuporn Wittayakun