1. Prediction study on single and double flow solar air heater
Bashria AbdrubAlrasoul Yousef*, Nor Mariha Adam, Mohammed Daud, Hussini Omar and Megat Hamdan

2. Preparation of glass-ceramics using fly ash as a raw material
Waraporn Emem and Shigeki Morimoto

3. Chemically activated carbon from bagasse and the removal of chromium from aqueous solution with activated carbon
Natthaya Punsuwan, Chaiyot Tangsathitkulchai and Malee Tangsathitkulchai

4. Effects of powdery mildew on yield, yield components and seed quality of mungbeans
Nucharee Tantanapornkul, Sophone Wongkaew and Paisan Laosuwan

5. Effect of synchronizing the rate of dietary energy and nitrogen release on reproductive performance in brahman-thai native crossbred beef cattle
Songsak Chumpawadee, Kritapon Sommart, Thevin Vongpralub and Virote Pattarajinda

6. Path coefficient and correlation studies of yield and yield associated traits in candidate bread wheat lines
Tila Mohammad, Sajjad Haider, Muhammad Amin, Muhammad Irfaq Khan and Roshan Zamir

7. Utilization of hedge lucerne meal (desmathus virgatus) as protein supplement in layer diets
Wisitiporn Suksombat and Kruan Buakeeree

8. Celadon glaze on dan kwian pottery
Sutham Srilomsak, Montinee Wonginjun, Molrudee Kanjanasin, Rattanaporn Ahosi, Rungchai Sittisue, Ruethairut Thongkan, Luxsanawadee Udon and Wanwisa Thaitong

9. Study on combining ability of inbred lines of sunflower using diallel cross
Kitti Satjawattana and Pisan Laosuwan