1. Manufacturing and development of thai sweet sauce (nam pla wan)
Manunya Khumwachirapithak, Kanjana Seaephowthai and Areerat tupkrag

2. the development of lightweight clay brick with added bagasse ash
Sutas Janbuala and Thanakorn Wasanapiarnpong

3. The relation between the exchange rate of thai baht to the united states dollar and crude oil prices by newton’s divided difference formula
Sittipong Ruktamatakul and Pornpis Yimprayoon

4. Preparation of liposome entrapping pluchea indica less. leaf extracts for application in cosmetic products
Khwunjit Itsarasook and others

5. Comparative caries preventive effects of a serial oral health counseling program versus routine oral hygiene instruction provided on vaccination visits: a retrospective cohort study in preschool children in nan, thailand
Sureerat Soongswang, Chanapong Rojanaworarit and Sroiphet Wipapsathiankul

6. Effects of nacl on seed germination and growth of yam bean (pachyrhizus erosus (l.) urb.) using a hydroponic technique
Sumalee Chookhampaeng and Pattama Jaturat

7. Study of plant community and utilization in the ban chan public cemetery forest at thung kula subdistrict municipality, suwannaphum district, roi et province
Sukanya nakawong, Wannachai chatan and Wilawan promprom

8. Development of cracker supplemented with jasmine rice bran powder
Sorat worachum Inket and Pakawadee Phugan

9. Study of antioxidant activity and correlation of antioxidant compounds in eight species of garden herbs
Intira Koodkaew and Parita Limpichotikul

10. Determination of vitamin c of traditional vegetables and fruits in nakhon phanom province
Nunthawun Uawonggul Chanaporn Rattanamalee and Sakda Daduang

11. Sms/mms smartphone malware propagation models
Chutiwan Boonarchatong and Kongsak Boonarchatong