1. tissue culture and the analysis of ploidy stability of musa (abb) ‘namwa mali-ong’
Nidaporn Sudhanyaratana, Supanee Aoki and Khwanduean Rattana

2. Lead adsorption in aqueous solution by giant mimosa pods treated with naoh
Piyanut Khanema

3. Study of bullet marks on metal from a gun revolver .357 magnum at distance and angles
Laddawan Boonjongrak and Asst.Prof. Pol.Lt.Gen. Dr. Narong Kulnides

4. Acetylcholinesterase inhibitory activity of a sesquiterpenoid from curcuma aromatica rhizomes
Woraphot Haritakun, Wasana Taworn and Parichat Suebsakwong

5. Comparison of performance tcp protocol over broadband hybrid satellite
Watcharakorn Netharn

6. Screening of some species of thai microsoroid ferns for phytoecdysteroids
Varangkana Jitchum, Somnuk Promdang, Namfon Tongtavee and Sahanat Petchsri

7. The effect of self-monitoring of blood glucose for food consumption behaviors and blood glucose controlling among monk with diabetes mellitus, priest hospita
Renu Kwanyuen Prasanee Amput Chutsupa Siriratchatha andPotmalai Sangsanor

8. The styles of management in families having a child with thalassemia
Orranuch Chusri, Wannee Deoisres, Marcia Van Riper

9. Overview of lesson on participation in the happy public organization index development program by holding learning exchange workshops
Doungnetre Thummakul, Ujsara Prasertsin, Jariya Cheunsirimongkol, Siriporn Kruttakart, and Yupawan Thongtanunam

10. Application of geo-information technology on urban heat island study
Poonyanuch Ruthirako