1. Impact of tourism on coastal water quality around koh tao sub district, koh phangan district, surat thani province
Anothai Kimsao

2. Survey and assessment of commonly used flora for in tha long village, khong chiam district, ubon ratchathani
Jakrapong Thangthong

3. Comparative efficiency of classification data by id3 with different discretization techniques
Surasit Songma

4. Diversity of ferns and fern allies at romklao-paradon waterfall, phu hin rong kla national park, phitsanulok province
Sahanat Petchsri

5. Extraction and utilization of dietary fiber from banana peels
Kanokkan Weeragul

6. Free radical scavenging and tyrosinase inhibitory activity of longkong leaves extract
Khwunjit Itsarasook

7. The effect of low calorie diet eating behavioral change guidelines for a weight reduction program among overweight and obese students
Sumalee Kiatchanog

8. Innovative uses of radio-frequency identification (rfid) in the agricultural and food industries
Thep Kueathaweekun