1. Formulation of whitening cosmetics from lakoocha extract
Kanlayaporn Chantree

2. Application of landscape metrics for analyzing land use-land cover changes on wetland- bueng khong long non-hunting area
Jiradech Majandang

3. Effect of nelumbo nucifera gaertn. leaf extract on growth performance of nile tilapia (oreochromis niloticus)
Phukphon Munglue

4. Product development of khao-tang supplemented with calcium from grey feather back fish bone
Pakawadee Iamkampang and Soraj Varachum Inget

5. Morphology of bmnpv - polyhedra of bombyx mori in thailand
Watcharaporn Pattala, Wanwisa Siriwattanametanon and Siripuk Suraporn

6. Physical properties and efficacy of firefighting protein foam for fuel oil derived from the rubber seed kernel
Nuttabodee Viriyawattana and Surachat Sinworn

7. In vitro seed culture of dendrobium delacourii guillaumin
Supavee Sangchanjiradet and JakgapongThangthong

8. Epidemiology as framework for conducting health research- a theoretical overview
Chanapong Rojanaworarit