1. Sustainable management of characteristic utilization and treatment of wastewater in factory
Praworada Pochanajun

2. Production of cassava (manihot esculenta crantz.) in 2008 2009 year of nakorn ratchasima
Anusorn Kullwong

3. Noise pollution management for environmental sustainability by clean technology in the process of joint fitting production
Phanchai Menchai

4. The development of a clinical nursing practice guideline for enhancing the quality of life of caregivers who cared for the terminally ill cancer patient in community
Puangkaew Puttapitak, Pornsiri Punthasee, Kamontip Kangtamneam

5. Study of quantity, classification and management of household hazardous waste in nonthaburi
Sirawan Ruangchuay Tuprakay, Seree Tuprakay