1. Determination of moisture content and protein in wheat flour by near infrared spectroscopy
Narongphan Rattanapanudda

2. Development clay brick product in singburi province
Sutas Janbula, Mana Iamboa, Pitak Laoratanakul

3. The construction of a programmed instruction in taxonomy for a fundamental biology course
Yuttana Yooyen, Thitima Naunboon

4. An exploratory study of cobit framework to an open source software adoption
Santipat Arunthari

5. The efficacy of botanical insecticide on control and eradication of the musca domestica maggots
Yuvarat Porameesanaporn

6. Properties of organic fertilizer prepared from sludge of wastewater treatment system and organic materials
Praworada Pochanachan