1. Fond memories research, mentoring and networking
M.R. Jisnuson Svasti

2. In silico identification of expressed sequence tags based simple sequence repeats (est-ssrs) markers in trifolium species
Siddra Ijaz, Imran Ul Haq, Bukhtawer Nasir

3. Production of a sophorolipid biosurfactant by wickerhamomyces anomalus mue24 and its use for modification of rice flour properties
Tiwaporn Punrata, Jiraporn Thaniyavarn, Suchada Chanprateep Napathorn, Jirarat Anuntagool, Suthep Thaniyavarn

4. Validation of some disease-resistance molecular markers associated with multiple diseases in tomato for marker-assisted selection program
A.Y.M. Nevame, Lu Xia, Zhang Wenting, Chofong G. Nchongboh, Li Wenhu, Muhammad M. Hasan, Md. Amirul Alam, Si Longting

5. A novel silkworm pupae carboxymethyl chitosan inhibits mouse l929 fibroblast proliferation
Lin Zhu, Zuo-Qing Fan, Xin-Qin Shi, Na Wang, Ying-Ying Bo, Hong-En Guo

6. Biosorption and adsorption of some heavy metals by fusarium sp. f6c isolate as affected by gamma irradiation and agricultural wastes
Ola EA Al-Hagar, Reda A Bayoumi, Osama A Abdel Aziz, Abeer M Mousa

7. Yb3 er3 concentration dependent microstructure evolution and greenred emissions of nayf4yber phosphors
Yanli Ding, Tonghui Yang, Naiqiang Yin, Peng Li, Ying Zhao, Xiaodan Zhang

8. Flow based titration with a colorimetric detection box using a smartphone for the determination of titratable acidity in coffee
Sarawut Somnam, Miki Kanna

9. Investigating the oxidation behavior of carbon steel in fire scene a new method for fire investigations
Hao Hong, Dongbai Xie, Shuwang Duo, Wen Wang

10. Performance and fouling analysis of an ultrafiltration membrane for lecithin separation from isopropanol-oleic acid-lecithin mixtures
Nita Aryanti, Diah H. Wardhani, Tutuk D. Kusworo, Aininu Nafiunisa

11. Electrochemical dna biosensor for detection of pork (sus scrof) using screen printed carbon-reduced graphene oxide electrode
Yeni W. Hartati, Tia A. Setiawati, Titin Sofyatin, Fitrilawati Fitrilawati, Anni Anggraeni, Shabarni Gaffar

12. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (pahs) in surface soil from the guan river estuary in china
Yingpeng Yua, Xiaoxiang Sun, Lili Zou, Huabing Zhang, Yuqing Liu, Min Liu

13. Catch composition and estimated economic impacts of ghost-fishing squid traps near suan son beach, rayong province, thailand
Charuay Sukhsangchan, Sonthaya Phuynoi, Yaowaluk Monthum, Napakhwan Whanpetch, Nipa Kulanujaree

14. Oyster salinity based habitat monitoring in bandon bay surat thani thailand a coupled eco hydrological model approach
Kalanyu Sunthawanic, Kornkanok Bunwong, Wichuta Sae-jie

15. New hermite hadamard-fejer type inequalities for (n1 n2)-convex functions via fractional calculus
Sikander Mehmood, Fiza Zafar, Nusrat Yasmin

16. The exact solution of the average run length on a modified ewma control chart for the first-order moving-average process
Yadpirun Supharakonsakun, Yupaporn Areepong, Saowanit Sukparungsee