1. Some applications of metacyclic 2-groups of negative type
Sanaa Mohamed Saleh Omer, Nor Haniza Sarmin, Ahmad Erfanian

2. Mixed convection flow over a horizontal circular cylinder in a viscous fluid at the lower stagnation point with convective boundary conditions
Norhafizah Md Sarif, Mohd Zuki Salleh, Roslinda Nazar

3. On solving an nxn system of nonlinear volterra integral equations by the newton-kantorovich method
Hameed Husam Hameed, Z.K. Eshkuvatov, N.M.A. Nik Long

4. Method for domain-specific mathematical modelling: theory and applications
Vitaliy Mezhuyev

5. Normal forms of smooth plane quartics and their restrictions
Takahashi Tadashi

6. An evolutionary approach for optimizing content-based image retrieval using a support vector machine
T. Kanimozhi, K. Latha

7. A study on encryption using three-dimensional cellular automata
S. Amirthalingam, K. Latha

8. Model checking the dns under dns cache-poisoning attacks using spin
Wei Zhang, Meihong Yang, Xinchang Zhang, Huiling Shi

9. Omicc: an overlay multicast infrastructure based on cloud computing for streaming media data distribution
Wei Zhang, Meihong Yang, Xinchang Zhang, Huiling Shi