1. Carbon, soil, and ecological benefits of redd+ policies in southwest china
Heli Lu, Guifang Liu, Zhong Huang, Quntao Yang

2. Citrus hystrix (makrut oil) oral sprays inhibit streptococcus mutans biofilm formation
Kemthong Mitrakul, Ratchapin Srisatjaluk, Vimol Srisukh, Kadkao Vongsawan

3. Nuclear structure of yrast bands of 180hf, 182w, and 184os nuclei by means of interacting boson model-1
I. Hossain, Huda H. Kassim, Fadhil I. Sharrad, A.S. Ahmed

4. Two new methods for removing salt-and-pepper noise from digital images
U?ur Erkan, Adem Kilicman

5. The speed of reaction-diffusion fronts on fractals- testing the campos-mendez-fort formula
Orapun Suwannasen, Michael A. Allen, Julien Clinton Sprott

6. The smoothing fletcher-reeves conjugate gradient method for solving finite minimax problems
Deyan Pang, Shouqiang Du, Jingjie Ju

7. Character classification framework based on support vector machine and k-nearest neighbour schemes
Teera Siriteerakul, Veera Boonjing, Rutchanee Gullayanon

8. Text classification using similarity measures on intuitionistic fuzzy sets
Peerasak Intarapaiboon

9. Reverses and variations of the young inequality
Haisong Cao, Junliang Wu

10. On the complete convergence of weighted sums for an array of rowwise negatively superadditive dependent random variables
Xinghui Wang, Xiaoqin Li, Shuhe Hu