1. A taxonomic revision of the tribe oryzeae (poaceae) in thailand
Paweena Traiperm, Monthon Norsaengsri, Stephan W. Gale

2. Variation of grain nutritional quality among thai purple rice genotypes grown at two different altitudes
Benjavan Rerkasem, Suchada Jumrus, Narit Yimyam, Chanakan Prom-u-thai

3. Iron and zinc variation along the grain length of different thai rice varieties
Suwannee Laenoi, Chanakan Prom-u-thai, Bernard Dell, Benjavan Rerkasem

4. Anti-inflammatory activity of a vernonia cinerea methanolic extract in vitro
Aurasorn Saraphanchotiwitthaya, Pattana Sripalakit

5. Properties of melanin from black tea leaves
Yu Zou, Yue Zhao

6. The hepatitis c virus core gene yields restriction fragments of variable length and polymorphism
Photchanathorn Prombun, Duangkamol Kunthalert, Yaovaluk Vipsoongnern, Anchalee Sistayanarain

7. Minerals in drinking water available in bangkok, nakhon nayok, and chachoengsao
Veeravan Lekskulchai

8. Diffusion modelling on a dynamically adaptive tree grid for rainfall overland flow simulation
Anurak Busaman, Khamron Mekchay, Suchada Siripant, Somporn Chuai-Aree

9. Neighbour isolated scattering number of graphs
Ersin Aslan