1. Ecological importance and biological resource conservation of boraphet marsh, thailand
Ratcha Chaichana, Sansanee Choowaew

2. A taxonomic revision of the genus eragrostis in thailand
Wanwipha Chaisongkram, Pranom Chantaranothai, Trevor R. Hodkinson

3. Authentication of the thai medicinal plants sharing the same common name rang chuet - thunbergia laurifolia, crotalaria spectabilis, and curcuma aff. amada by combined techniques of tlc, pcr-rflp fingerprints, ....
Pipob Suwanchaikasem, Thatree Phadungcharoen, Suchada Sukrong

4. Efficient plant regeneration in vitro from cotyledon explants of chieh-qua
E.E. Liu, David W.M. Leung, Qing Hua Xia, Jie Ren Zheng, Xin Xiang Peng, Xiao Ming He

5. Effects of rearing density and sub-sand filters on growth performance of juvenile freshwater mussels reared under recirculating system conditions
Satit Kovitvadhi, Uthaiwan Kovitvadhi

6. Comparison of multiplex polymerase chain reaction and immunoassay to detect salmonella spp., s. typhimurium, and s. enteritidis in thai chicken meat
Ekkarat Rodpai, Primchanien Moongkarndi, Walla Tungrugsasut, Rangsichon Phisannoradej, Sasitorn Kanarat

7. Comparative abilities of igg and f(ab )2 monovalent antivenoms to neutralize lethality, phospholipase a2, and coagulant activities induced by daboia siamensis venom and ....
Narumol Pakmanee, Jureeporn Noiphrom, Allison Kay, Duangporn Pornmuttakun, Lalida Sakolparp, Wachiraporn Hemmala, Surasak Akesowan, Sumana Khomvilai, Visith Sitprija

8. Jph2 is a novel susceptibility gene on chromosome 20q associated with diabetic retinopathy in a taiwanese population
Yu-Chuen Huang, Hsin-Yi Lin, Hui-Ju Lin, Shih-Yin Chen, Shih-Ping Liu, Wen-Ling Liao, Jane-Ming Lin, Yung-Hsiang Chen, Fuu-Jen Tsai

9. Evaluation of intron 22 and intron 1 inversions of the factor 8 gene using an inverse shifting pcr method in severe haemophilia a patients
Narges Roozafzay, Leila Kokabee, Sirous Zeinali, Morteza Karimipoor

10. Biological treatment of dairy wastewater using activated sludge
Ambreen Lateef, Muhammad Nawaz Chaudhry, Shazia Ilyas

11. Strength and microstructure development in bangkok clay stabilized with calcium carbide residue and biomass ash
Songsuda Vichan, Runglawan Rachan, Suksun Horpibulsuk

12. Large-time behaviour for the compressible navier-stokes equations with a non-autonomous external force and a heat source
Baowei Feng, Xin-guang Yang

13. Matrix versions of the classical polya inequality
Limin Zou

14. Positivity-preserving c2 rational cubic spline interpolation
Muhammad Abbas, Ahmad Abd Majid, Mohd Nain Hj Awang, Jamaludin Md Ali

15. Morphology, viability, and germinability of pollen from two forms of nymphaea nouchali var. versicolor, a day-blooming waterlily
Kitti Bodhipadma, Sompoch Noichinda, Panit Thaiyanto, David W.M. Leung