1. Use of organic fertilizer on paddy fields to reduce greenhouse gases
Pantawat Sampanpanish

2. Accumulation pattern of heavy metals in marine organisms collected from a coal burning power plant area of malacca strait
Lubna Alam, Che Abd. Rahim Mohamed, Mazlin Bin Mokhtar

3. Association of the plekho2 and plekhh1 gene polymorphisms with type 2 diabetic retinopathy in a taiwanese population
Eric C. Han, Yu-Chuen Huang, Jane-Ming Lin, Hui-Ju Lin, Jer-Yuarn Wu, Cheng-Chun Lee, Fuu-Jen Tsai

4. Antimutagenic and anticancer effects of avicennia marina leaf extract on salmonella typhimurium ta100 bacterium and human promyelocytic leukaemia hl-60 cells
Leila Karami, Ahmad Majd, Sedigeh Mehrabian, Mohammad Nabiuni, Mandana Salehi, Saeed Irian

5. Ceftriaxone improves spatial learning and memory in chronic cerebral hypoperfused rats
Phanit Koomhin, Kanokwan Tilokskulchai, Sompol Tapechum

6. Rice straw and sugarcane bagasse degradation mimicking lignocellulose decay in nature- an alternative approach to biorefinery
Chularat Sakdaronnarong, Woranart Jonglertjunya

7. Bias correction of radar rainfall estimates based on a geostatistical technique
Ratchawatch Hanchoowong, Uruya Weesakul, Siriluk Chumchean

8. A novel approach to model magneto-rheological dampers using ehm with a feed-forward neural network
Kittipong Ekkachai, Kanokvate Tungpimolrut, Itthisek Nilkhamhang

9. The combined relaxation and non-relativistic approximation of the drift-diffusion model
Jianwei Yang, Xiaoxia Yang

10. A note on joint diagonalizers of shear matrices
Francesco G. Russo

11. An alternative jensen's functional equation on semigroups
Paisan Nakmahachalasint

12. Quantitative analysis of the root system of avicennia alba based on the pipe model theory
Chadtip Rodtassana, Sasitorn Poungparn

13. A new species of the genus ranunculus from iran
Maneezheh Pakravan