1. Effect of varying concentrations of salinity on some biochemical parameters involved in nitrogen metabolism of four grass species
A.V. Mane, V.B. Wagh, B.A. Karadge, J.S. Samant

2. Composting increases bris soil health and sustains rice production
Mohd Khairi B. Che Lah, Mohd Nozulaidi Bin Nordin, Musliania Binti Md Isa, Y.M. Khanif, Md Sarwar Jahan

3. Simultaneous fortification of iron and zinc in parboiled rice kernel
C. Prom-u-thai, L. Huang, I. Cakmak, B. Rerkasem

4. Differential response of callus initiation and growth of aromatic chilli and bilimbi to two different electrospun nanofibre mats
Kitti Bodhipadma, Sompoch Noichinda, Noppavan Chanunpanich, Pornporm Thongmeethip, Pussadee Chalermwanitkul, David W.M. Leung

5. Differentiation in wing shape in the bactrocera tau (walker) complex on a single fruit species of thailand
Sangvorn Kitthawee, Nopphanun Rungsri

6. Alleviation of plant boron toxicity by using water to leach boron from soil contaminated by wastewater from rubber wood factories
Jumpen Onthong, Nathapong Yoajui, Lupong Kaewsichan

7. Detection of flunitrazepam through photocatalytic reaction of zno particles in coloured spirits by uv-vis spectrophotometer
Sirintip Pongampai, Pongsaton Amornpitoksuk, Proespichaya Kanatharana, Thitima Rujiralai, Sumetha Suwanboon, Nararak Leesakul

8. Antioxidant and antimicrobial activity of methanol dichloromethane and ethyl acetate extracts of scutellaria litwinowii
Bibi Sedigheh Fazly Bazzaz, Mohamad Hassanzadeh Khayat, Seyed Ahmad Emami, Javad Asili, Amirhossein Sahebkar, Elahe Javadi Neishabory

9. Coaxial electrospinning and sustained release properties of gelatin-cellulose acetate core-shell ultrafine fibres
Sutana Sakuldao, Tipaporn Yoovidhya, Saowakon Wongsasulak

10. Probabilistic pointer analysis for multithreaded programs
Mohamed A. El-Zawawy

11. New statistics for detection of outliers using the last few principal components
Rungrawee Amnarttrakul, Ampai Thongteeraparp

12. Piecewise continuous mild solutions of a system governed by impulsive differential equations in locally convex spaces
Anusorn Chonwerayuth, Imchit Termwuttipong, Phichet Chaoha

13. Adiantum capillus-junonis rupr.an additional species of adiantum l. (pteridaceae) for thailand
Thaweesakdi Boonkerd, Rossarin Pollawatn

14. Regeneration of lily (lilium longiflorum easter lily) by callus derived from leaf explants cultured in vitro
Kantamaht Kanchanapoom, Tidarat Ponpiboon, Wimon Wirakiat, Kamnoon Kanchanapoom

15. Venom protein of the haematotoxic snakes cryptelytrops albolabris calloselasma rhodostoma and daboia russelii siamensis
Orawan Khow, Pannipa Chulasugandha, Narumol Pakmanee

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