1. Distribution of fine-root necromass in a secondary mangrove forest in trat province eastern thailand
Buntoon Chalermchatwilai, Sasitorn Poungparn, Pipat Patanaponpaiboon

2. Morphometric and molecular analysis of gracilaria salicornia and its adelphoparasite in thailand
Noppadol Kongkittayapun, Anong Chirapart

3. Biochemical changes during oil palm (elaeis guineensis) empty fruit bunches composting with decanter sludge and chicken manure
Wathida Kananam, Thunwadee Tachapattaworakul Suksaroj, Chaisri Suksaroj

4. Organic selenium supplementation promotes shrimp growth and disease resistance to taura syndrome virus
Kallaya Sritunyalucksana, Angkul Intaraprasong, Piyachat Sa-nguanrut, Keith Filer, Daniel F. Fegan

5. Development of budesonide suspensions for use in an hfa pressurized metered dose inhaler
Nichakorn Sukasame, Prapaporn Boonme, Teerapol Srichana

6. Removal of janus green dye from aqueous solution by phosphoric acid carbonized agro-industrial waste
Gautam K. Nagda, Vikram S. Ghole

7. Predicting sediment discharge in an agricultural watershed a case study of the lam sonthi watershed, thailand
Puwadon Phomcha, Prakob Wirojanagud, Thaveesak Vangpaisal, Thanapon Thaveevouthti

8. Detecting and classifying mutations in genetic code with an application to b-thalassaemia
Rapin Sunthornwat, Elvin J. Moore, Yaowadee Temtanapat

9. Extended deming is model and data mining approach for diagnosis management
Supot Soommat, Sanguan Patamatamkul, Thamrong Prempridi, Manop Sritulyachot, Pijarn Ineure, Surapan Yimman, Larry Klein

10. A novel smart mucoadhesive biomaterial from lallimantia royalena seed coat
N.V. Satheesh Madhav, M.S. Uma Shankar

11. Preliminary investigation of the angiogenic potential of ziziphus oenoplia root ethanolic extract using the chorioallantoic membrane model
Susovan Sinha Mahapatra, Satyaranjan Mohanta, Amit Kumar Nayak

12. Using fractional differential equations to model the michaelis-menten reaction in a 2-d region containing obstacles
Farah Aini Abdullah

13. Extended cubic uniform b-spline for a class of singular boundary value problems
Joan Goh, Ahmad Abd. Majid, Ahmad Izani Md. Ismail

14. Impact of age and management factors on tea yield and modelling the influence of leaf area index on yield variations
Rishiraj Dutta