1. 4-aminoantipyrine as a new electrophilic coupling reagent for spectrophotometric determination of iron(iii) in water, industrial effluent and soil samples
Subbanaika Manjula, Salman Khan and Akheel Ahmed Syed

2. A comparison of degree of cortical granule exocytosis in zona-free pig oocytes induced by different artificial stimulators
Samur Thanoi, Chainarong Tocharus, Sutisa Nudmamud-Thanoi and Prasert Sobhon

3. Atmospheric deposition of metals associated with air particulate matter- fractionation of particulate-bound metals using continuous-flow sequential extraction
Atitaya Samontha, Weerawan Waiyawat, Juwadee Shiowatana and Ronald G. McLaren

4. Author index scas.33.04.07-editor

5. Characterization of ash derived fromcombustion of paper mill waste sludge- comparison with municipal solid waste incinerator ash
Chun Yang Yin, Sharifah Aishah Syed Abdul Kadir, Alifah Salwa Abdul-Malik, Sharifah Nawirah Syed-Ariffin, Siti Zaharah Mahazer and Zurinawati Zamzuri

6. Characterization of expressed sequence tags from liver and muscle tissues of walking catfish, clarias macrocephalus
Dutrudi Panprommin, Supawadee Poompuang and Prapansak Srisapoome

7. Cloning of hyaluronan synthase (sz-has) gene from streptococcus zooepidemicus in escherichia coli
Boonsri Jongsareejit, Amaret Bhumiratana, Masaaki Morikawa and Shigenori Kanaya

8. Depositional environments of permian rocks of the khao khad formation in central thailand
Sarawuth Thambunya, Visut Pisutha-Arnond and Chaiyudh Khantaprab

9. Diazotroph endophytic bacteria in cultivated and wild rice in thailand
Chanikarn Koomnok, Neung Teaumroong, Benjavan Rerkasem and Saisamorn Lumyong

10. Diversity of rotifer fauna from five coastal peat swamps on phuket island, southern thailand
Supenya Chittapun, Pornsilp Pholpunthin and Hendrik Segers

11. Establishment of in vitro culture of musa aa group kluai sa and musa aa group kluai leb mue nang and the analysis of ploidy stability
Amornwat Srangsam and Kamnoon Kanchanapoom

12. High-performance liquid chromatography with amperometric detection of medroxyprogesterone acetate in human plasma with 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine as derivatizing agent
Thanee Tessiri, Jinda Wangboonskul, Chalerm Ruangviriyachai and Saksit Chanthai

13. How to produce a scientist
Warren Y. Brockelman

14. Keyword index scas.33.04.07-editor

15. Mitochondrial dna variation of tai speaking peoples in northern thailand
Jatupol Kampuansai, Giorgio Bertorelle, Loredana Castri, Supaporn Nakbunlung, Mark Seielstad and Daoroong Kangwanpong

16. Regional flow duration model for the salawin river basin of thailand
Pannathat Rojanamon, Taweep Chaisomphob and Winyu Rattanapitikon

17. Solubility of stearic acid in various organic solvents and its prediction using non-ideal solution models
Rudi Heryanto, Masitah Hasan, Ezzat Chan Abdullah and Andri Cahyo Kumoro

18. Utilization of vetiver grass (vetiveria zizanioides) for removal of heavy metals from industrial wastewaters
Nualchavee Roongtanakiat, Sutthirak Tangruangkiat and Ridthee Meesat