1. Correction of misprinting

2. Dna fingerprint database of some economically important thai plants litchi chinensis sonn, dimocarpus longan lour, and peuraria spp.
Rungrach Wangspa, Robert W. Cutler, Supranee Sitthiprom, Ruttaporn Chundet, Nadtaya Dumampai,

3. Effects of high field permanent magnet insertion device on the siam photon source storage ring
Supagorn Rugmai

4. Est-based identification of genes expressed in the branchiae of black tiger shrimp (penaeus monodon fabricius)
Suwit Wuthisuthimethavee, Prajuab Lunubol, Apichart Vanavichit and Somvong Tragoonrung

5. Ethics of science and technology a scientists view
Yongyuth Yuthavong

6. Executive committee members

7. Flower production related to re-blooming time of three rosa hybrida cultivars in response to rootstock type
Mahmoud I. Safi

8. Inhibitory effect of curcumin on tpa (12-o-tetradecanoyl phorbol-13-acetate) - induced activation of protein kinase c isoenzyme - epsilon and c-fos protein level in human keratinocytes
Pornngarm Limtrakul, Wanida Chearwae and Sasisopin Luekumharn

9. Insecticide resistance of the green rice leafhopper, nephotettix cincticeps, to the systemic insecticides used for seedling-box application
Jirapong Jairin, Nobuki Kojima and Toru Nagata

10. Limit cycle in a herbivore-plant-bee model containing a time delay
Charoen Kaewpradit, Wannapong Triampo and I-Ming Tang

11. Middle miocene molluscan assemblages in mae moh basin, lampang province, northern thailand
Wickanet Songtham, Hiroaki Ugai, Suvapak Imsamut, Somkiat Maranate et. al.

12. Modeling of the btx species based on an emission inventory of sources at the map ta phut industrial
Decha Pimpisut, Wanida Jinsart and Martin A Hooper

13. Multiple genes determining brown planthopper (nilaparvata lugens stal) resistance in backcross introgressed lines of thai jasmine rice kdml105
Jirapong Jairin, Theerayut Toojinda, Somvong Tragoonrung, Sathit Tayapat and Apichart Vanavichit

14. Polarized laser beam scattering through turbid medium for application in tissue imaging
Shamaraz Firdous and Masroor Ikram

15. Some geometric properties in orlicz- cesaro spaces
Narin Petrot and Suthep Suantai

16. Toxicity and accumulation of lead and cadmium in the filamentous green alga cladophora fracta (o.f. muller ex vahl) kutzing a laboratory study v.31-02
Chantana Lamai, Maleeya Kruatrachue, Prayad Pokethitiyook, E.Suchart Upatham, and Varasaya Soonthornsarathool