1. A sequential procedure for manufacturing system design
Navee Chiadamrong

2. A study on cement made by partially replacing cement raw materials with municipal solid waste ash and calcium carbide waste
Pitisan Krammart and Somnuk Tangtermsirikul

3. Boron site preference in b-doped barium hexaferrite
Sirikanjana Thongmee, Pongtip Winotai and I Ming Tang

4. Chemical constituents from the flowers of nyctanthes arbor-tristis
Pittaya Tuntiwachwuttikul, Kanokon Rayanil, Walter C Taylor

5. Determination of acidity and basicity constants of polyaspartic acids by potentiometric titrations
Vithaya Ruangpornvisuti and Boosayarat Tomapatanaget

6. Development of mathematical model for continuous spray evaporator-air (de)humidifier with nonisothermal polydispersedroplets
Pratarn Wongsarivej and Wiwut Tanthapanichakoon

7. Four new vanadometric methords for the assay of methdilazine in bulk drug and in pharmaceutical formulations
Kanakapura Basavaiah and Vaidyanathan Shakuntala Charan

8. Genetic relationship in strawberry cultivars and their progenies analyzed by isozyme and rapd
Todsaporn Thongthieng and Prasartporn Smitamana

9. Molecular characterization of the divergence of rare species of the genus afgekia (papilionoideae, tribe tephrosieae) by rapd markers and nucleotide sequences analysis
Preecha Prathepha and Visut Baimai

10. New record of freshwater red algae (rhodophyta) in thailand batrachospermum cayennense
Siripen Traichaiyaporn, Thaweedet Chainapong, Pornsiri Tularak, Supachai Dolprasit and Boonsom Waraegsiri

11. Spatial variability of total nitrogen, and available phosphorus of large rice field in sawah sempadan malaysia
Eltaib Saeed Mohamed Ganawa, Mohd Amin Mohd Soom, Mohd Hanafi Musa, Abdul Rashid Mohamed Shariff and

12. Structural changes and suppression of superconductivity in two re1-2xprxcaxba2cu3o7-ohtscs (gd, dy) due to pr doping
Nipaphat Charoenthai, Ramanathan Suryanarayanan, Srisuda Varamit, Pongtip Winotai and I-Ming Tang