1. A novel route to tris(silatranyloxy-i-propyl)amine directly from silica and triisopropanolamine, part i
P. Piboonchaisit and S. Wongkasemjit

2. Detection of bovine hemoparasite infection using multiplex polymerase chain reaction
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3. Direct gene transfer into skeletal muscle of seabass (latescalarifer) and black tiger prawns (penaeus monodon)
Z. H. Sulaiman

4. Flow injection spectrophotometry for speciation of cr(vi) and cr(iii) using diphenylcarbazide and solid phase extraction with c18 in-value mini-column
Kate Grudpan, Ngarmnet Worakijcharoenchai, Orawan Tue-Ngeun, Ponlayuth Sooksamiti and Jaroon Jakmunee

5. In-situ composite film of thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer-polypropylene-effect of film
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6. Mitochondrial heter ogeneity in human malarial parasite plasmodium falciparum
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7. Preparation of a novel resin derived from ion-exchange resin and its evaluation in peptide and benzodiazepine synthesis
E. Lattmann, D. C. Billington, P. Arayarat, H. Singh and M. Offel

8. Treatability of dye wastewaters by conventional and anoxic+anaerobic-aerobic sbr processes
J. Pansuwan, T. Panswad and J. Anotai