1. Development of a biodegradable film from jicama starch (pachyrhizus erosus (l.) urbar) for plant bag application
Pawinee Theamdee, Kawinna Sooksamran

2. Methylene blue adsorption using pomelo peels charcoal prepared by traditional charcoal burning
Patcharanan Junploy, Krittiyaporn Loungdee, Naparat Jiwalak

3. Effect and optimal variable of mangosteen peel powder for green sand mold
Anuwit Sonsiri, Unchalee Inkampa, Noppadon Amdee, Thanapat Maneesaeng

4. Reduction of oil absorption in chinese water chestnut fry product with electric field technology
Chidchanok Markjan

5. Antioxidant activities of crateva adansonii dc. subsp. trifoliata (roxb) jacobs
Suthira Maneechai, Suratchana Dathong

6. Effects of sugar, citric acid and pectin content on quality of mulberry fruit leather product
Piyanuch Roskhrua, Maliwan Kitchaicharoen

7. A study on influence of swirl angle of burner port on behavior of heat transfer to a vessel of high-pressure cooking stove by computational fluid dynamics
Anirut Matthujak, Thanatkit Chanakul, Mana Wichangarm, Thanarath Sriveerakul, Bongkot Chanthamas, Sedthawatt Sucharitpwatskul, Sutthisuk Phongthanapanich

8. Drying of chilli with thermoelectric air preheater assisted low temperature dryer
Patchara Wongpaisarnkit, Krawee Treeamnuk, Tawarat Treeamnuk

9. Comparative investigation of a subcritical orc, supercritical orc, and trilateral rankine cycle power plant for a heat source temperature of 210-250?c
Atit Koonsrisuk, Thongchai Taemtat

10. Simulation of a 500 kw sloped solar chimney power plant powered by industrial waste heat
Bandit Chansawang, Atit Koonsrisuk

11. Experimental testing of scroll expander performance for a 1 kw orc power plant
Thanit Hinlailoed, Atit Koonsrisuk

12. Hot-melt adhesive production from natural rubber
Siwarote Boonrasri

13. Effect of pre-treatment on quality of cassava chips
Prawta Chantaro, Parisut Chalermchaiwat, Thepkunya Harnsilawat

14. Simulation on combustion behavior of gas-saving burner s-10 by computational fluid dynamics
Anirut Matthujak, Phattharawan Chimchom, Mana Wichangarm, Thanarath Sriveerakul, Sedthawatt Sucharitpwatskul

15. Performance investigate of trilateral, subcritical and supercritical organic rankine cycle driven by geothermal heat source
Anugul Mongpraneet, Atit Koonsrisuk

16. The development of waste heat energy conversion device to generate electricity through thermoelectric generator (teg) apply to lpg cookstove
Ditthaphat Tanpradit