1. Fe2o3 on zeolite nay synthesized from rice husk as catalyst for oxidation of styrene
Kamolwan Rintramee, Laoongdown Sujarit, Suwanan Kornsanthia

2. Biogas production potential from co-digestion chicken waste and hydrilla (hydrilla verticillata (l.f.) royle)
Noppadon Podkumnerd, Nicha Prasongchan, Anyanee Bunchai

3. Compressive strength and water absorpiton properties of concrete block containing crushed oyster shell not process burning
Tawich Klathae, Prasan Jitpat

4. Bio-composite films based on cassava starch reinforced with durian rind cellulose fibers
Pimpanitpa Kunthadong, Mintra Peekoh, Ontheera Sindanjark

5. A simple solid-solid reaction for the synthesis of lead sulfide-montmorillonite hybrid
Areeporn Baoulan, Sonchai Intachai

6. The study of suitable drying time and physical characteristic of pork slices dried using microwave followed by hot air
Aek Panyayuen, Jeerapong Lek-ong, Kanya Kunsuwan, Poomjai Sa-adchom

7. Effect of coffee silverskin and spent coffee ground on properties of biomass pellet fuel
Jutaporn Chanathaworn, Kanokwan Phumivanichakit

8. Method development of gamma-oryzanol analysis in rice bran with environmental friendly solvent
Rattapon Hongkrengkai, Atsadawut Chaiyo, Uemporn Khawkoom, Usarat Kumtabtim

9. Nutritional, physical and sensory quality of butter cake substituted with durian rind powder for wheat flour replacement
Chakkrawut Bhoosem, Jetniphat Bunyasawat

10. Encapsulation of immobilized yeast cells on pretreated-bagasses and its application use for ethanol production
Tawan Maduang, Orawan Chunhachart, Ratchapol Pawongrat

11. Production and characterization of carboxymethyl cellulose from orange rind
worapan pormsila, Dechawat Kongsantear, Poolai Prasongsuk

12. Partial substitution of young tamarind by karonda in nam prik makham product
Apinya Manarote, Prassanee Tubbiyam, Wassana Khuaikhoen, Bunyanut Phurahong

13. Technical aspects of oil extraction and biodiesel production from wild almond seeds
Jutaporn Chanathaworn, Paweena Somsao, Artidtaya Mainkaew, Adisak Pattiya

14. Diversity of soil microorganisms in mulberry root rot disease fields and detection of the disease pathogen by specific primer
Waraporn Sutthisa, Nattina Sawatphanit, Sunisa Noojit, Sumalee Phiwkhao

15. Biosorption of phosphate using modified cassava waste
Sudarat Sombatsri, Nattawut Suchaichit, Chaiyasit Phawa

16. Production and characterization of bacterial cellulose produced by acetobacter xylinum tistr 975 from pineapple peel juice
adisak Jaturapiree, Ekrachan Chaichana, Thanunya Saowapark, Bongkot Chuenpraphai, Phimchanok Jaturapiree