1. The effectiveness investigation of evaporative cooling using radiator for pre-cooling system
Srithorn Aupakham, Surasit Thiangchanta

2. Co-phytotoxicity of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid and synthetic surfactants on spirodela polyrrhiza and lemna perpusilla
Khanitta Somtrakoon, Waraporn Chouychai

3. The production of drinking yoghurt from rambutan juice and survival of lactic bacteria
Uraporn Rueangwatcharin, Krittabhart Chinabhark, Siriporn Taweerodjanakarn

4. Development of a continuous flow paddy dryer with infrared radial radiation technique
Nuttaphon Saelim, Tawarat Treeamnuk, Krawee Treeamnuk

5. Fuel consumption monitoring system using control signal and characteristic correlations of fuel injector
Niti Kammuang-lue, Jirawat Boonjun

6. Evaluation of soil profile and allowable bearing capacity of soil using kunzenstap penetration test, kpt
Thitibhorn Phantachang

7. Effects of gellings agents on texture, syneresis and consumer preference on mahachanok jam product
Nuduan Saraboot, Kannika Huaisan, Panorjit Nitisuk

8. An experimental study on increasing efficiency of solar cell modules by flat heat pipe cooling
Anurat Tewata, Yuttana Sriudom

9. Experimental investigation of thermosyphon economizer to recover waste heat in the electronics industry case study in electronics industry
Pracha Yeunyongkul, Somkiat Wongpanich, Passwat Watcharadumrongsak

10. Application of kansei engineering and dematel to prioritize service quality in thai government hospital
Chaiwat Kittidecha, Suchada Kittidacha

11. Comparative power transmission between air core transformer and iron core transformer
Rachata Ruangkarn, Muhammad Mansattha

12. Optimal pid controller design for bldc motor speed control system with input tracking and load regulating constrained optimization by cuckoo search
Danupon Kumpanya

13. Utilization of soaked dry black beans water for textile dyeing process
Kanchana Luepong, Phairat Punyacharoennon, Wanida Siaphai, Paramat Pattanasan

14. A study of shrinkage percentage acrylonitrile butadiene styrene based on the astm d955 standard test method
Prasong Kankaew

15. Determination of protein mineral and vitamin in local rice varieties from loei province
Napatsorn Wongpriaw

16. Study of parameters have effected to the heat pipe with mesh wick
Satitpong Sangiamsuk, Supattra Boothaisong, Sampan Rittidech