1. Performance analysis on working parameters of a flat-plate solar cavity collector
B. Lakshmipathy, B. Sivaraman

2. Comparative critique of thermal energy storage technique in solar chimney power plants
Ali A. Ismaeel, Hussain H. Al-Kayeim, Aklilu T. Baheta, Mohammed A. Aurybi

3. Utilization of oxygenate with cnso diesel blends (b20) in a ci engine using dual fuel technology
Ashok Kumar, K. Rajan, M. Rajaram Narayan

4. Pyrolysis and evaluation of oil shale product yield and composition from tchikatanga-makola (congo) oil shale
Guy Roland Nguimbi, Youhong Sun, Mingyi Guo, Dickson Bolou Bolou, Brum Stevy Ondon, Phiri Cryton