1. Comparison of the potential for ethanol production from rice straw in vietnam and japan via techno-economic evaluation
N.Q. Diep, S. Fujimoto, T. Yanagida, T. Minowa, K. Sakanishi, N. Nakagoshi, X.D. Tran

2. Comparison of performance and emission parameters of a diesel engine fueled with biodiesel and wood pyrolysis oil emulsions
R. Prakash, R.K. Singh, S. Murugan

3. An experimental investigation on the combined effect of exhaust gas recirculation and cetane improver on biodiesel-fueled diesel engine
K. Venkateswarlu, B.S.R. Murthy, V.V. Subbarao, P. Sai Chaitanya

4. Harnessing maximum power from solar pv panel for water pumping application
Mrityunjaya Kappali, R.Y. Uday Kumar