1. Comprehensive experimental and theoratical investigation of solar radiation conditions in bostwana a semi-desert region
N. Nijegorodov, P.V.C Luhanga, J. G. King

2. Design and simulation analysis of a parabolic trough solar collector hot water generation system
A. Valan Arasu, T. Sornakumar

3. Energy and life cycle analysis of co-generation of biogas from cattle manure
Wolfgang Tentscher, C. Dumsch

4. Experimental and prediction of the development of low-calorific swirl burner
Adi Surjosatyo, Farid Nasir Ani

5. Government promotion of photovoltaics evidence from hotel industry in india
Raja M. Peter, Laurence Dickie, Vasanthi Peter

6. Palm oil (elaeis guiniensis) plantations a potential feedstock for biodiesel production, in nigeria
V. K. Sharma, C. N. Anyanwu, G. Braccio, C. O. Akubuo

7. Simulation of flow around and behind a savonius rotor
Ujjwal K. Saha, M. Jaya Rajkumar, D. Maity

8. Solar drying of fish (bombay duck) using solar tunnel drier
B. K. Bala, Serm Janjai