1. Bio-crude-oil from fluidized bed pyrolysis of rice straw and its characterization
Mohammad Rofiqul Islam, Mohammad Nurul Islam, Md. Nurun Nabi

2. Comparative drying performance study of natural convection solar dryer with traditional grape drying methods
Dilip R. Pangavhane

3. Performance and financial analysis of a rotary drum longan dryer
C. Thararux, T. Kiatsiriroat

4. Sponge-ball automatic tube cleaning device for saving energy in a chiller
Michael Leung, Godwin Lai, W.H. Chan, J.Y. Qin, S.Y. Lee

5. Techno-economical aspects of encapsulated ice thermal energy storage applications for air-conditioning system
Amir Ihsan Abul Salam, Megat Hamdan Megat Ahmad, S.M. Sapuan, Nor Mariah Adam