1. Laboratory assessment of compressive strength of jointed rocks under confinements
Saisuree Thaweeboon and Kittitep Fuenkajorn

2. Properties of self-compacting mortar made with binary and ternary cementitious blends of untreated rice husk ash and silica fume
Natt Makul, Gritsada Sua-Iam, Prakasit Sokrai

3. Study on flexural behaviors of precast segmental bridge box girder by finite element method
Suvit Vongthongdee and Kridayuth Chompooming

4. Automated project schedule generation using constraint satisfaction problem
Mongkol Ussavadilokrit, and Pasit Lorterapong

5. The skin friction of large bored pile in cohesionless soil
Siwawet Obma and Watcharin Gasaluck

6. Plant layout design and safety management for roller shutter producing plant
Jureeporn Jirapattarasin, Watcharin Witayaku, Weerakaset Suanpaga

7. A study of humidity level constraint for split-type air conditioner unit
Prakob Surawattanawan and Kannika Sudsom

8. Analysis of buffer areas of volatile organic compounds factories
Teerawat Suwannasin and Jittra Rukijkanpanich

9. Development of assisting program in patient appointment process and performance report submission for out patient department
Haruetai Lohasiriwat, Napat Klongpitak, Worapong Itthithaneth