1. Influence of soil properties on copper sorption and distribution from sewage sludge leachate in soils
Suppakiet Sripanomtanakorn and Aduldech Patpai

2. Self-compacting concrete containing untreated-mixed fly ash and rice husk ash, part ii- hardened concrete characteristics
Natt Makul and Gritsada Sua-iam

3. Optimum design of reinforced concrete beams by simulated annealing algorithm
Nattakrit Laoprom, Raungrut Cheerarot and Jakrapan Wongpa

4. Mechanical and hydraulic performance of sludge-mixed cement grout in rock fractures
Khomkrit Wetchasat and Kittitep Fuenkajorn

5. Indentification of factor affected on the pursuit of bachelor degree program in industrial engineering
Kanokwan Kingphadung, Pavarit Linkajorndaj and Ravivarn Laoraksakiat

6. Risk assessment for hazardous substances transport on road
Tanattida Kaewwangsakool and Jittra Rukijkanpanich

7. Determining of wastewater color characteristics using munsell color system - a case study of dyeing factory
Tiwawan Khongkhasri and Jittra Rukijkanpanich

8. Combustion of bio-diesel oil on the packed-bed sphere porous burner structured as homogeneous and semi-homogeneous
Kompet Inla, Bundit Krittacom, Mongkol Kathapant and Ratipat Sangchot