1. Analysis of bus space mean speed on main streets in bangkok
Sitthiphong Chanyasukhon and Rattaphol Pueboobpaphan

2. Simulation of estuarine hydrological characteristic- a case study on the lower chao praya river
Sirod Sirisup, Nattaporn Saengnil and Saifhon Tomkratoke

3. Pore pressure effect on compressive strength of low porosity rocks
Supattra Khamrat, Decho Phueakphum and Kittitep Fuenkajorn

4. Effect of heavy metal bioleaching on nutrients in sewage sludge
Suppakiet Sripanomtanakorn and Pattarapong Mespan

5. Self-compacting concrete containing untreated-mixed fly ash and rice husk ash, part i- fresh concrete characteristics
Natt Makul and Gritsada Sua-iam

6. Development of water management in paddy fields to reduce methane emission
Duangnapa Vanichsan and Bancha Kwanyuen

7. An approach of bridge strengthening for cast-in-situ reinforced concrete slabs loaded by thai trucks
Panuwat Joyklad and Suniti Suparp

8. Study of damage in spur gear using acoustic emission signal analysis
Withaya Yongchareon and Weeraded Khunvitayapaisal

9. Manetic refrigeration systems- technology to replace vapour compression systems soon
Rotchana Prapainop

10. Humidity control in air - conditioning by hot gas from condenser
Manop Pipathattakul

11. Comparative study on the water footprint of oil palm in pathumthani and chonburi provinces
Woranee Paengjuntuek and Jitti Mungkalasin