1. Utilization of unqualified crushed rocks for use as road construction materials
Thaweesak Piti-khunpongsuk

2. Use of high volume, untreated bagasse ash as a fine aggregate substitute for preparing self-compacting concrete
Gritsada Sua-iam and Natt Makul

3. Microwave-assisted curing of cellular lightweight concrete a preliminary study
Natt Makul and Gritsdada Sua-iam

4. Generator for nonlinear load and linear load
Thavorn Amatakit

5. A study of the influence of draw bead shapes on the deep drawing non-symmetry sheet metal process
Phisit Srinoi, Sirichai Torsakul

6. Comparison performance of the axial flow pump with and without screw axle
Manop Phiphathatthakun and Venus Thadniam

7. Development flexible low-energy gamma ray shielding material composing of natural rubber- synthetic sbr and bismuth
Nipat Kaotong and Doonyapong Wongsawaeng

8. Resistance behavior on contact force of cutting tools grinding using universal testing machine
Subhakij Khaonetr