1. Probability distribution of extreme daily rainfalls in thailand
Chavalit Chaleeraktrakul, Pitakchon Tanmung and ศิรเลิศ จุฬพันธ์ทอง

2. Effect of the particle size of limestone powder on portland cement mortar mixed with rice husk ash
Burachat Chatveera and Natt Makul

3. Effect of calcium carbonate powder upon compressive strength of portland cement mortar mixed with rice husk ash from electric power plant
Burachat Chatveera and Natt Makul

4. Determination of floats for repetitive construction
Tana Panyowatkul and Suneerat Kusalasai

5. The capacity of improved pile foundation with various sheet pile lengths on sand under vertical and horizontal loading
Pongsakorn Punrattanasin, Tuan Van Nguyen

6. Utilization of ground bottom ash in high performance concrete
Kraiwut Tuntisukrarom, Thanawat Choksawangnetr, Piyaphol Srihabutra and Raungrut Cheerarot

7. Cultural-based bee colony algorithm for solving optimal power flow problems
Chaiyut Sumpavakup Isaree Srikun and Songsak Chusanapiputt

8. Drag reduction in pipe flow- principles and potential applications in thailand
Ananchai Ukaew

9. Improvement of standard procedure in beverage concentrate manufacturing process
Patcharee Pattharathadakiat and Daricha Sutivong

10. Monthly final assembly planning for hard disk drive manufacturing
Siriluk Pichayaanankul and Daricha Sutivong

11. Failure reduction in welding process for automotive seat frame
Anucha Kitsutipong and Prasert Akkharaprathomphong

12. Material selection and production allocation for card board
Jarut Agsornn and Wipawee Tharmmaphornphilas