1. The effect of clay content on the heavy metal adsorption
Lerd Kerdchaiyaphum and Pongsakorn Punrattanasin

2. Effect of ternary cementitious system on microstructure and strength behaviors of concrete
Suvimol Sajjavanich, V. Malee

3. A comparative study of the efficiency of water supply production between the system using sedimentation and the system using dissolved air floatation
Thamnoon Rasmeemasmuang

4. Differential evolution method for solving combined economic and emission dispatch problems
Chaiyut Sumpavakup, Warayut Kampeerawat and Thanatchai Kulworawanichpong

5. A comparison of magnetic field due to conductor alignments of 115 kv transmission line effecting on human by using finite element method
Arnon Isaramongkolrak, Chaiyut Sumpavakup, Warayut Kampeerawat and Padej Pao-la-or

6. Outbound operation cost and time control
Sarawuth Detintaranarak and Paveena Chaovalitwongse

7. Time reduction for forming roll set up in artificial wood plank manufacturing
Kosin Charoenvorakeat and Jittra Rukijkanpanich

8. Defect reduction for evaporator product in automotive industry using six sigma approach dmaic
Paweesuda Panumpai and Damrong Thawesaengskulthai

9. Productivity improvement of outdoor print circuit board at wave soldering station
Pathompon Pikulthong

10. Development of a production planning system for construction materials
Thanawat Ieamampai

11. An improvement of overall equipment effectiveness in welding electrode manufacturing process
Sakda Wiriyapharp and Suthas Rattanakuakangwan