1. The influence of prism types on the evaluation of compressive strength of interlocking block masonry
Krit Chaimoon

2. Compressive strength and behavior of interlocking block masonry under eccentric loading
Krit Chaimoon

3. The relationship of expansion behavior and asr evidence
Suvimol Sajjavanich, Piya Chotickai, Rojanakorn Guntapong and Manasit Sarigaphuti

4. Potential of run-of-river type hydropower in the central watershed of thailand
Chaiyuth Chinnarasri, Surakai Baanchuen and Duangrudee Kositgittiwong

5. Triggered-rainfall landslide hazard prediction
Santi Thaiyuenwong and Warakorn Maireang

6. Direct tension tests of intact rocks using compression-to-tension load converter
Kittitep Fuenkajorn and Sippakorn Klanphumeesri

7. Harmonic elimination for an ac drive via hybrid method
Soupagorn Visawa phatra dhanadhorn, Sarawut Sujitjorn and Kongpol Areerak

8. Harmonic identification via the space vector with sliding window fourier analysis method
Chinnapat Chanatavaraluk, Kongpol Areerak, Sarawut Sujitjorn

9. The study behavior of strain hardening for forming hot rolling sheet metal saph440
Metee Jitwiriyanon and Dilok Sriprapai

10. Porous burner using diesel oil
Bundit Krittacom

11. Performance characteristics of thermoelastohydrodynamic lubrication in line contact with newtonian lubricant
Sountaree Rattapasakorn and Khanittha Wongseedakaew

12. Flight control system design optimisation via genetic programming
Anucha Ratanaparadorn

13. Influence of triple spheroidizing on drill wear in dry drilling gray cast iron
Subhakij Khaonetr

14. A technique of raus for spaced channel allocation in dwdm transmission systems
Vissavavit Rachnarong and Sutichai Noppanakeepong

15. The impacts of using cpm vs. rsm as a scheduling method
Chaiyos Luksanavilai and Suneerat Kusalasai