1. Leakage step testing in water distribution network by close and open method
Sarawut Kongjai, Thaworn Teerawachayan, Kongkoon Tochaiwat

2. Performance evaluation of frp reinforced para-wood glued laminated (glulam)
Woraphot Prachasaree, Agarat Samakrattakit and Wiriya Thongruang

3. Experimental investigation of reinforced concrete beams strengthened by skeleton steel and ferrocement cover
Pragasit Jantanalikit, Panuwat Joyklad and Amorn Pimanmas

4. An improvement of a precast-concrete-wall installation process of a high-rise building
Rougrout Sevicheen, Jirawat Damrianant

5. Optimization of scheduling and dispatching for ready-mixed concrete trucks using genetic algorithm
Ladda Tanwanichkul and Autthapon Sirisuwan

6. Analysis of parallel and series-parallel resonant inverters
Nuapett Sarasiri, Wiwek Phacheerak, Sarawut Sujitjorn and Kongpol Areerak

7. A zero sequence harmonic filter for three-phase four-wire power systems
Chuttchaval Jeraputra

8. Fault location algorithm and development the automated fault location system
Choowong Wattanasakpubal and Teratum Bunyagul

9. Study on energy saving in passenger buses by engine replacement and fuel change
Abhirak Sawadkit, Chullapong Chullabodhi

10. Effects of ph on sulfate reduction in uasb system for treatment of concentrated latex wastewater
Kanokkan Kanjanawat and Chavalit Ratanatamskul

11. Effects of velocity gradient on treatment of concentrated latex wastewater by asbr system
Nuttakan Kanjanawat and Chavalit Ratanatamskul

12. Effect of baffle number on concentrated latex wastewater treatment using anaerobic baffled reactor (abr) system
Niramon Kree-aree and Chavalit Ratanatamskul

13. Organic compounds and color removal by fenton and coagulation processes in textile wastewater
Suthep Sirivitayaphakorn and Weeranuch Boonrung