1. Prediction of long-term strength of some weak rocks
Kittitep Fuenkajorn and Teepawit Sri-In

2. Prediction of air pollutants from expressway in bangkok using statistical models and monte carlo simulation
Nirun kongritti and Sudjit Karuchit

3. Modeling of rc column with lap splices strengthened by fiber reinforced polymer (frp)
Dam Xuan Thai and Amorn Pimanmas

4. Dc power supply for the tetrode tube of the siam photon source
Wiwek Phacheerak, Prapong Klysubun, Sarawut Sujitjorn

5. Analysis of electric field effects to environment around 500 kv high voltage transmission line using finite element method
Sukunya Tupsri, Thanatchai Kulworawanichpong, Anant Oonsivilai, Kitti Attakitmongkol and Padej Pao-la-or

6. An ac model of resonant inverter with dc bus voltage control
Pramote Dokmai, Youthana Kulvitit and Tanvaa Tansatit

7. Polygonal-acicular ferrite pearlite microstructure and mechanical properties of microalloyed low carbon cast steels
Ganwarich Pluphrach

8. Experimental performance of solar chimney window on school building
Withaya Puangsombut

9. A study of priority rank of supply chain performance measures in a small-sized electronics assembly industry
Thanawat Boonpanyavut, Sittiporn Pimsakul

10. The study type of hard film coating and strength of materials to wear volume by ball-on-disk technique
Komgrit Lawanwong, Bhadpiroon Sresomroeng,Varunee Premanond

11. Decision support model for machine evaluation and selection
Sarapong Choumwong, Nathasit Gerdsri

12. An establishment of key performance indicators based on balanced scorecard for motor’s factory
Sompob Thangganjanaverukul

13. An activity analysis for setting up the cost of production system in motor factory
Noppadol Treeyaprasertporn

14. Energy cost reduction in production process of die casting factory
Suthee Luangrattanacharoen

15. Nuclear power plant location a hundreds million baht problem
Watadta Ritcharoen, Porntip Wongsuchoto, Fatima Priyakorn, Navadol Laosiripojana and Prasert Pavasant