1. Properties of lightweight plastering cement containing biomass ash
Pusit Lertwattanaruk and Burachat Chatveera

2. Soil displacements due to tunneling in dense silty sand layer underneath bridge pile foundation in bangkok
Wanchai Teparaksa, Soktay Lim, and Satoru Shibuya

3. Application of deterioration model of flexible pavement in low volume roads using markov chains for pavement maintenance planning
Watcharakhom Pocarattananan and Wisanu Subsompon

4. Winding design and construction for a sextupole magnet of 1.2 gev storage ring of the synchrotron light source - thailand
Supachai Prawanta, Sarawut Sujitjorn, Supagorn Rugmai

5. Applying the performance network for target setting-implications on a management process
Urairat Rimmai and Kongkiti Phusavat

6. Cutting forces and surface quality in precision milling of hardened steel with cubic boron nitride cutting tools
Hadi Sutanto

7. Leaching of heavy metals from the solidified wastes made by alkali activation of black rice husk ash
Saysunee Jumrat, Suwimol Asavapisit