1. Nust.28.4.2020-editorial board

2. Nust.28.4.2020-content

3. Solid waste characterization and recycling potential in university of phayao, northern thailand
Sarawut Sangkham, Chaiwat Sangsrichan

4. Microplastic contaminations in buffet food from local markets
Natsima Tokhun, Atcharaporn Somparn

5. Factors predicting length of hospital stay among patients with open-heart surgery
Ratchanee Piwpong, Supaporn Kongprom, Nantaka Suksumitr, Vanida Durongrittichai

6. Antioxidant activity and effect of sa-khan (piper, piperaceae) on the normal human proximal tubular epithelial cell line
Daoyot Daorueang

7. Dataspace management with etl and rdf support
Marko Niinimaki, Tapio Niemi, Peter Thanisch

8. A radical proposal for teaching, learning, assessment and curriculum development in higher education computer system development courses for the 21st century
Roy Irvine Morien

9. Forecasting rabies in dogs in thailand time series analysis
Anchaleeporn Paso, Chetta Ngamjarus

10. Office environment warning system
Jakkrit Sukserm, Parin Santisuk, Pornsak Srikaew, Sirikan Chucherd

11. Fitting the evolution of covid-19 cases of china and thailand by applying piecewise linear approximation of compartmental model parameters
Suwit Kiravittaya

12. Estimation of hourly near infrared radiation using artificial neural network and performance comparison with the semi-empirical model at nakhon pathom province
Noppamas Pratummasoot, Pranomkorn Choosri, Sumaman Buntoung, Tawedach Mundpookhiew

13. Nust.28.4.2020-principles