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3. Nust.28.3.2020-editorial note

4. 5 years follow-up of tak protocol in stone recurrenceregrowth after kidney stones removal
Ekkapong Konkaew, Mutita Subcharoenwai, Kittisak Olankitcharoen

5. Removal of textile dye by using activated carbon in aqueous solution
Wilaiporn Insuwan, Khattiya Moonchaisook, Benjamaporn Junkrin

6. The transition from conventional energy to the photovoltaic systems and its struggle under the dominant electricity regime in thailand
Eakanat Krajangthimaporn

7. Land surface temperature changes in songkhla, thailand from 2001 to 2018
Rattikan Saelim, Salang Musikasuwan, Nasuha Chetae

8. The utilization of napier grass stems for cd(ii) ions removal from aqueous solution process optimization studies using response surface methodology
Wimonrat Tongpoothorn, Titikan Somboon, Manop Sriuttha

9. Fatty acids and an ester from the leaves of millettia utilis dunn
Thanatip Ruksilp

10. The performance of external vertical slats for shading west windows in office buildings
Evance Melkiory Haule, Pipat Chaiwiwatworakul, Surapong Chirarattananon

11. Investigation of mathematical modeling for banana slices drying using hot air technique
Watcharin Dongbang, Weerapon Nuantong

12. Synthesis and application of cuprous oxide-potassium lithium titanate composites in the photocatalytic degradation of rhodamine 6g
Areebhorn Baoulan

13. The implement of vehicle blind spot detection system using sdsoc
Chayanin Youngyai, Wannarat Suntiamorntut

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