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4. Comparison of electrocoagulation using iron and aluminium electrodes with chemical coagulation for removal of vat dye solution
Surangkhana Ainchu, Jareeya Yimrattanabovorn, Onin Panomasak, Thanatporn Toduang, Sakawduan Klingthale, Boonchai Wichitsathian

5. Arching patterns in three dimensions of sand under vertically vibrated
Panupat Chaiworn, Panutta Thepha

6. The strategies reducing the negative externalities of semi-trailer truck transportation in eastern economic corridor area
Chalermpong Senarak

7. Bayesian unit-lindley model applications to gasoline yield and risk assessment data
Weerinrada Wongrin, Sakuna Srianomai, Yuwadee Klomwises

8. Assessment of genetic diversity among musa cultivars based on sequence-related amplified polymorphism technique
Thanita Boonsrangsom, Busaraporn Phetnin, Kumrop Ratanasut, Kawee Sujipuli

9. A webgis base information system for monitoring wildfire using suomi-npp (viirs) satellite in phare province, thailand
Phaisarn Jeefoo

10. Microplastics origin, environmental impact, food and beverage contamination and management methods
Sukrita Punyauppa-path, Prasongsom Punyauppa-path

11. The performance comparison of models for predicting the risk of losing student loan by fuzzy neural network method and multiple linear regression analysis method
Tawin Tanawong, Sanya Khruahong, Adirek Roongrungsi

12. Change in the status of secondary macronutrient levels in soil with the long-term application of chemical fertilizers in allium ascalonicum l. plots in lablare district, uttaradit province
Chattanong Podong, Saisunee Junta

13. Comparison of lead zirconate titanate properties between the pressing process and the gel casting process by using ethylene glycol diglycidyl ether (egdge) epoxy resin as a gelling agent
Tanikan Thongchai

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