1. Total knee arthroplasty in extra-articular knee deformity patients- a review of the surgical techniques, surgical instruments and prosthetic designs
Piti Rattanaprichavej

2. Development approaches for colon-specific starch delivery system as nutraceutical product
Thanaporn Ratithammatorn

3. Synthesis and characteristics of calcium oxide as a catalyst in biodiesel production
Ajchara Imkum Putkham and Apipong Putkham

4. The relationship between personal factors as well as families’ strengths and developmental assets in pregnant adoliscents
Maleewan Lertsakornsiri

5. Oral health care behaviors of preschool children’s parent in nakhonchaiburin region
Kantima Hampromarat

6. Risk factors of parenteral nutrition-associated cholestasis in neonates at nakornping hospital
Pongsatorn Chingchai

7. Drip irrigation to increase hedgerow fruit trees growth of alley cropping in highland rainfed agricultural system
Rawin Surbkar

8. Factors affecting on the growth of mycelium hed-pho (astreaus hygrometricus morgan) on agar medium and cereal grain medium
Watcharee Hanmoungjai

9. Pre-commercial yield trails of new hybrid varieties of sweet corn in phayao and chiang rai province, thailand
Prasert Thala, Chokechai Aekatasanawan and Kitti Satjawattana

10. The application of the quality management system of iso 9001 2008 in the improvement of the water supply services of municipal waterworks authority of tak fah subdistrict municipality, nakhornsawan
Preecha Khanthong

11. The development of application on tablet pc titled multiplication and division to support the problem solving skills in mathematics for prathom suksa 2
Rattanaporn Chom-in and Tipparat Sittiwong

12. The group inverse of 3 x 3 matrices over a ring
Wiwat Wanicharpichat and Natkodchanan Khambunlue