1. Role of nck in t cell receptor activation
Ichaya Yiemwattana Jatuporn Ngoenkam, Sutatip Pongcharoen

2. Effects of tannins on conjugated linoleic acids (cla) accumulation in ruminant products
Pattaraporn Tatsapong

3. Cold hazards and health effects in frozen food manufacturing
Anamai Thetkathuek

4. Pristane plus v-abl myc induced lymphoma and plasmacytoma development in sts a mice
Ruedee Sakulratchata, Rungarun Kriangkrai, Sabine Mai

5. Inhibitory effect of 6-gingerol on fructose-mediated protein glycation in vitro
Wachirawadee Malakul and Panumat Deiam

6. Comparisons of chemical and pesticide usage between burley and rice farming- economics cost should be realized
Jirawat Jaroensathapornkul

7. Factors associated with smoking among male college students in dhaka city, bangladesh
Most Nargis Parvina Rungrat Srisuriyawetb, Pornnapa Homsin

8. Antibacterial activities of iicorice extract on biofilms and planktonic cells of staphylococcux aureus
Suttipalin Suwannakul, Suttimas Yuankyong, Kannika Masi, Pacharawalee Nanbunta and Pattarawut Burirak

9. Low-level cadmium exposure induces metallothionein and heme oxygenase-1 gene expression in human choriocarcinoma cell line jeg-3
Wajathip Bulanawichit, Thanagon Kirdin, THeerapong Chaimee and Tantip Boonsong

10. Numerical study of two-dimensionally axi-symmetric blood flow through and occluded vessel and a stented vessel
Koonlaya Kanokjaruvijit, Jirasak Siripokarattana and Panu Putthawong

11. Cost-benefit analysis in jatropha curcas plantation of rural farmers under shared benefits business with investor
Khumthorn Nawalertpanya Prapita Thanarak and Nipon Ketjoy

12. Life cycle assessment of refuse derived fuel 5 composed of the mechanical biological waste treatment and crude oil sludge
Weera Punina, Samchai Maneewan and Suriyong Prachakiew