1. Chromatographic fingerprint and free radical scavenging activity of boesenbergia xiphostachya (gagnep.) loes rhizome extract
Nungruthai Suphrom, Kamonluk Insumrong, Pongsathon Sriboon, Witsanu Sonyot, Kornkanok Ingkaninan, Surat Boonphong

2. Observation of pig chromaffin cells in primary culture
Prattana Lopin, Chidtraporn Lamom, Kyle Lopin

3. Modeling the effects of education campaign on online game addiction of children and youth in thailand
Ratchada Viriyapong, Monthicha Sookpiam

4. Antioxidant activity, total phenolic and flavonoid contents and analyses of active compounds in stemona tuberose lour crude extracts
boonjirab rutnakornpituk

5. In vitro propagation of kalanchoerhombopilosa (crassulaceae)
Thanatporn Kertrung, Sirasatiyakorn Junkasiraporn

6. Antimicrobial properties and detection of crude extract derived from magnolia garrettii inhabiting fungi
Rampai Kodsueb, Saisamorn Lumyong

7. Electrochemical characterization of glassy carbon electrode and boron-doped eledctrode for determination of quercetin
Anchana Preechaworapun, Janphapa Permpool, Tanin Tangkuaram

8. The influence of ambient temperature on soil temperature in concrete containers with lime trees
Usavadee Tuntiwaranuruk, Worasitti Sriboon

9. Anti-proliferative effect of thai watermelon leaf extracts on cervical and breast cancer cells
Panata Iawsipo

10. Comparative density functional theory study on co (iii). ni (ii), zn (ii) organometallic complexes and their uv-vis absorption spectra in dichloromethane solvent
Akapong Suwattanamala

11. An analysis efficiency of the roof photovoltaic array for tilth in nongpling sub-district mueang district nakhonsawan province
thirayu pinthong