1. Information system for water level and flood warning in nan river
Paitoon Ngewtung

2. Study on volatile components of three curcuma species by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry
Nungruthai Suphrom, Surat Boonphong, Phitchaporn Sutamuang, Kamonluk Insumrong, Wannakul Meesuanthong, Phongsan Itsarangkool

3. Applying data mining techniques on thai traditional medicine treatment
charinee Prompukee, Jaratsri Rungrattanaubol, Anamai Na-udom

4. Comparative analysis of mirna expression in oryza sativa cultivar ptb33 and tn1
Amnat Phetrungnapha, Panatda Jannoey

5. Multi metal oxide sensors system for some chemical functional group classification: the study through pattern classifier using correlation model in electronic nose technology
Wasu Phanphaisarn

6. The effects of bio-extract from water hyacinth and golden apple snail on photosynthetic pigment and ascorbic acid contents of chinese cabbage grown in hydroponic culture
kanlayaphorn posaluk