1. Economic value and utilization of biodiversity in local communities at nam nao national park, phetchabun province
Suppanit Jarernsuk, Kecha Dadookain and Touchkanin Jongjitvimol

2. Cystoliths in the leaves of the genus pseuderanthemum (acanthaceae) in thailand
Thiamhathai Choopan, Paul J. Grote

3. Reclamation of waste kaolin in palm oil mill
Pongsak Noparat and Poonsuk Prasertsan

4. A simple strategy to fabricate electrochemical sensor based on nickel nanoparticles modified glassy carbon electrode for the determination of glucose in urine
Kulwadee Pinwattana, Rapiphun Janmanee

5. Cloning and characterization of the argonaute-1 gene from macrobrachium rosenbergii
Amnat Phetrungnapha, Rattikon Thammason