1. Effectiveness of risky sexual behavior prevention program among adolescent boys
Worawan Tipwareerom, Sureeporn Suwanna-osod and Taweesak Khumlue

2. Compressed air generator for low wind speed electrification
Varin Vongmanee Veerapol Monyakul

3. Using case based reasoning to answer exam questions
Tawin Tanawong

4. Land use change in thaplan national park, the part of dong phra yayen - khao yai forest complex world heritage, thailand
Wassana Phanurak Pongthep Suwanwaree

5. Carbon dioxide emission assement of thin film amorphous silicon for electricity generation
Sawapha Thinpan and Prapita Thanarak

6. Semi-solid joining of semi-solid metal aluminum alloy 356 covered by nitrogen gas
Thongchai Khrueaphue, Somchai Phopayom and Prapas Muangjunburee

7. Testing of spatial decision support system on estimating water need for irrigated paddy areas using open source software
Kampanart Piyathamrongchai

8. Factors affecting academic achievement of dental students, faculty of dentistry, naresuan university
Sugitta Sengkem, Samran Meejaeng and Teamjan Parnichparinchai

9. A causal relationship model of organizational citizenship behavior
Kessiri Mora

10. Fourth grade students' scientific reasoning
Ladapa Suttakun and Luecha Ladachart

11. The strategy for the implementation philosophy of sufficiency economy of sub-district administrative organization in kamphaeng phet province
Narin Kotcharit

12. Elevated detached house for handling repeated floods based on sufficiency economy- a case study of bang-rakam model
Kitchakarn Promma