1. The quantity of heavy metals in the tha-chin river and its inflow canals from nakhon chai si to estuary
Jintanan Watcharasing, Wit Tarnchalanukit, Kasem Junkeaw and Naruechid Dumpin

2. Isolation of indole acetic acid producing pink pigmented facultative methylotrophs (ppfms) from murdannia loriformis (hassk.) r. rao & kammathy
Siripun Sarin, Thanawut Prombunchachai, Nareeluk Nakaew and Aphichat Chidburee

3. Space using of the population for environmental improvement in educational institute - a case study of rajasitharam technical coolage
Woranuch Pornsanor and Nath Pichakum

4. The effect of demonstration vdo lesson of nasogastric tube insertion on the 4th year medical students' competency
Thitima Ngoenmak

5. Audit quality and earnings management
Kanok-on Kaewprapa, Ratiya Khailaihong and Orapan Khanwang

6. The stludy of integrated sciences to develop khonburi district, nakhon ratchasima by sufficiency economy philosophy
Ekkarat Ekkasart

7. Way of life and the existence of migrants in thailand, subdistrict municipality aomyai, sampran, nakhon pathom
Keerati Choutridsanawong and Viroj Jadesadalug

8. Community attitudes towards the philosophy of sufficiency economy in doisaket district, chiang mai
Ratthanan Pongwiritthon, Pakphum Pakvipas and Thodsaporn Chaiprakong

9. Continuity different of video programs in sufficiency economy philosophy learning by farmers in chiang mai
Piya Palapunya and Wallratat Intaruccomporn

10. Strategy development for learning organization of subdistrict administrative organization in kamphaeng phet
Samita Akkawong

11. Systemic lupus erythematosus in pregnancy
Patapong Towiwat

12. The novel principle of application layer traffic optimization by bittorrent-like peer to peer file sharing systems
Nattee Pinthong