1. Cost investigation on green fuel production from manila grass mixed with crop residues and ghg emission mitigation
Prapita Thanarak, Chuleeporn Chaiyote

2. Development of eggshell membrane as solid phase adsorbent for cd(ii), pb(ii) and ni(ii) coupled with flame atomic absorption spectrometry
Tanawat Duangkum, Prinya Masawat, Yuthapong Udnan

3. Exploring supply chain collaboration in thai major industries
Ekkprawatt Phong-arjarn, Chawalit Jeenanunta

4. Propagation of some local plants by tissue culture in tumbon nanokkok, lablae, uttaradit
Ratchanee Petchang

5. Performance evaluation of hydrogen production by photovoltaic system
Sukruedee Sukchai, Chatchai Sirisamphanwong, Wisut Chamsa-ard

6. The comparison of filler palm oil sludge and carbon black in rubber product
Thanate Ratanawilai, Sukritthira Ratanawilai, Wantanee Sukawanich

7. Development of compound granular organic fertilizer for lower cost of rice production
Pumisak Intanon, Ratana Sawamichai, Boonsong KluayNgern

8. The development of measuring tool and induction motor fault analysis case study voltage unbalance
Tharathip Phurahong

9. Conservation and propagation taminadia uliginosa retz. and sauropus androgynus (l.) merr. by technique of in vitro culture
Phopgao Buddharaksa, Warut U-Kong

10. Low cost temperature and humidity monitoring development for industrial hygiene and safety affair
Teerayut Sa-ngiamsak

11. Cost and return analysis of rainy season rice farming in kamphaeng phet
Somkiat Chaipiboon

12. Communication for organizational changes
Wanawan Doherty