1. Effects of supplementation of yeast malate fermented cassava chip as a replacement concentrate on rumen fermentation efficiency and digestibility of nutrients in heifer
Sittisak Khampa, Pala Chaowarat, Ruangyote Pilajun, Metha Wanapat

2. Quality development of dried tom yam seasoning from grey oyster mushroom
Somkiat Phornphissutthimas

3. Quantitative and qualitative analysis of gamma-rays in soil using a high-purity germanium detector
Duangcheewan Chankrueng, Tharnthip Konkaewmool, Nares Chankow, Thawatchai Ittipoolthanakorn, Pornrad Srisawad

4. The production improvement for shelf-life extension of chili paste products
Uunop Tasaudom, Wannapa Srapinkaraburi and Suriyapron Nipronrum

5. Use of essential oil mix as feed additive in weaned pig diets
Banjued Jantasa, Wandee Tartrakoon, Tinnagon Tartrakoon

6. The cytogenetics effects of hair dyes on human lymphocytes culture
Pimrutt Chanpreechaya, Siriluck Iamtham, Naruporn Pedklang

7. Tools for assessment ten years probability of osteoporotic fractures in thai people
Wirat Theerasakul

8. Before becoming corporate image - definition, models and communication strategies
Wanawan Doherty

9. Existence and iterative approximation of fixed points of nonexpansive and asymptotically nonexpansive mappings
Sornsak Thianwan